BWRPA Registration

How to Apply for Membership to Berowra Waters Residents’ Pontoon Association

For the majority of residents of Berowra Waters, travelling via water is the only way to access their properties.  Nearby public wharves do not permit berthing for more than 2 hours at a time and are not particularly secure.  The availability of secure boat berthing and car park facilities allows residents to commute on a daily basis with a reasonably assured level of access.

If BWRPA membership is not appropriate (for example, due to boat size or mooring time constraints), there are other berthing options available for residents:

•    Single Berth Rental at the Berowra Waters Marina West.
•    Commuter Berth rental at Berowra Waters Marina East.

The purpose of the BWRPA is to provide long term, secure vessel berthing and car parking facilities for commuter boats and vehicles, for residents of Berowra Waters. The association is an unincorporated, not-for-profit entity, setup and managed by the residents of Berowra Waters under authority of the NSW Department of Fair Trading.  The residents’ pontoon has been built over time under approvals from the NSW Department of Lands and Hornsby Shire Council.

If you are an owner of property fronting Berowra Creek or Murra Murra Creek and can supply proof of ownership (in the form of Title Deed, Rates Notice, Notice of Sale, etc), you are eligible to apply for membership of BWRPA.  Membership grants the right to moor one boat at the Residents’ Pontoon provided you agree to be bound by the rules of the Association.

You can download the application form from the forms page, by clicking here.

Membership availability is limited by the amount of available boat berthing space on the Pontoon.  Berthing is done on a first-come, first-served basis and members are not guaranteed a berth during peak load periods.  However, at the time of applying for membership, if the pontoon is chronically overloaded, membership may be declined until space becomes available.

Membership involves a one-off, non refundable and non-transferable Joining Fee plus the payment of Annual Membership Fees. Annual Fees are due each Financial Year upon receipt of notice from the Association, usually in June/July.

Membership provides berthing rights for one boat, along with access to the Residents’ Pontoon facility by way of a keyless entry proximity card.

Residents may also gain access to the Car park Compound inside the sunset gate at the end of Kirkpatrick Way, by way of physical keys that are administered by the BWRPA. Local residents wishing to only use the car park but not be members of the BWRPA only need to pay an Application Fee and an Annual Car Park Maintenance Fee. Levies may be applied at time to time to finance major repairs, or upgrades to the security and amenity of the facilities.

Rental of keys to the compound does not guarantee a car park space.

Applicants will be asked to sign a document stating that they have read and agreed to be bound by the Association’s Constitution together with a Risk Warning indicating that they are aware of the risks associated with using the facilities.

There are processes within the Association for applying for berthing a second boat and/or obtaining additional stickers, keys, etc..

To apply for membership of the Berowra Waters Residents’ Pontoon Association, please fill out a Membership Application by downloading a form (Click here) , and mail it, together with a copy of your Title Deed, Rates Notice or Notice of Sale, to:

The Secretary
PO Box 61
Berowra Waters 2082

This will be presented at the next monthly committee meeting for approval. You will be advised by mail after that.

If approved, you will be invoiced for the Joining Fee and first year’s annual membership.  The annual membership fee is usually adjusted on a pro-rata basis depending on the date of joining.  Once payment is received, your access card, Membership Boat Number sticker and/or car park keys will be given to you.

The Membership Boat Number sticker must be placed in your boat so as to be easily visible from the Pontoon.

To access a copy of the Association’s Constitution and Rules, please click here.