Residents Information

There is a lot to know about living in the Berowra Waters environment.

Where to park your vehicle and what facilities are in place for that, and who manages such things.

Berowra Waters Residents Pontoon Association
Hornsby Council

Where and how to moor your boat at your house, on the river and at the Car Park areas. Who Manages such things and how do I get setup.

Pontoons at Residence – Land and Property Management Authority
Moorings On The River – NSW Services RMS
Residents Pontoon – Berowra Waters Residents Pontoon Association
At The Marina – Berowra Waters Marina

Who Looks after the Regulations and Licensing of Pontoons.

Land and Property Management Authority

What are the local community representative bodies and how do I become involved.

Berowra Waters Progress Association
Berowra Waters Residents Pontoon Association
Berowra waters Ladies Committee

If I have a problem where do I go to solve it.

Talk to your Neighbors and look it up on this Website

Who is responsible for my water supply

Silverwater, Dusthole & Calabash Bay – Sydney Water

What are the Regulations about Sewerage

Hornsby Council

Registering Boats, Moorings and Boat Licenses. Speed Limits etc.

NSW Services RMS.

Burning Rubbish, Cutting branches and Fire Hazards

Hornsby Council
Berowra Waters Rural Fire Service

Waste Collection and household garbage.

Hornsby Council

What is my Address.

The areas with dwellings within Berowra Waters are

Dusthole Bay
Calabash bay
Collingridge Point
Neverfail Bay
Cobar Point (also known as Beauty Point)
Marramarra Creek
Sunny Corner
Bar Island
Bar Point
Milsons Passage.

All Title Deeds will have a DP number for each separate block in a title. Each Block will have a Lot Number associated with one of the above locations. (ie Lot 22 Collingridge Point) This is your street address, but there is no mail delivery. You must organize a Post Office Box with, Berowra, Berowra Heights or Galston Post Office to collect your mail. Each Block has a large red Emergency Services Number displayed at the front of each property. Use this number to guide people arriving by boat. All bona fide pontoons and jetties will have either a PO or a License number displayed on them as well.

What if my boat stops in the middle of the River. What if my boat will not start or I run out of fuel.

A local will probably come by and assist in a very short time. It is part of the life on the river, it happens to everyone.

Moving Furniture & Building Materials

Berowra Waters Barge Hire
Miss Piggy Barge Hire

I just need a little help with a few things

There are quite a few helping hands available who have their own boats and small punts for carrying things. There are people who can assist around the house and in the garden and with your boat. There are also cleaners, handymen, builders and babysitters and child minding. Some of these are free and others vary in cost. They will all be listed in the Community Centre section of this site.

What can the Kids Do?

There are several groups of kids activities and play groups who meet on weekends and after school. Look them up on the Local Events Calender and on the Notice Board.

Where can I fish from.

NSW Fisheries tells you all you need to know

How Hot Can it Get

December to February – 50 Degrees C.

How Cold Can it Get

May to Aug Overnight – Zero.

Does it get Foggy.

From April through to October fog regularly sits in the valleys of Berowra Creek. Fog usually comes in overnight. It can change dramatically within 30 minutes from a clear night to a complete white out with zero visibility.
During the colder months of Winter the fog regularly creeps down the mountain side from about 9.00pm and touches the water by about midnight. It mostly clears from sunrise to 9.00am.
On some cold days it just sits around all day. Fog is rarely seen in the warmer months.

Get a compass or GPS and learn the track to your house from the Marina.If you are caught out, get to the nearest river bank slowly and follow it to the nearest occupied house. Work your way home that way or ask to stay the night. Better to sleep on an unfamiliar couch than in a cold boat.

What About Storms

Very Powerful and spectacular storms can sweep through the Berowra Creek area. Some of this is brought about by the terrain and some by the open water. Sudden storms are mainly due to cool changes sweeping in as thunderstorms and strong winds during the hotter months. These storms typically only last a short time and it is wise to stay in your home and let them pass over. If you are caught out by one on the water, head for a sheltered cove and stay close to the shore, keeping an eye out for falling branches.

What if someone is injured or very ill at home and can’t be moved

Call 000 and ask for Water Ambulance. Explain your location using one of the above mentioned area names and give the Emergency Services House Number.

What if someone needs an ambulance and can be transported to the Marina by boat

The ambulance pick up point is on the Eastern side of the Ferry at Dusthole Bay. That is the Berowra Waters Road side at the Berowra Waters Boatshed. Ambulances come from Hornsby Hospital and are heading back to that Emergency Department. Waiting for pickup on the other side of the river adds up to 30 minutes to the round trip.

What if the Power Fails

Power fails mostly due to trees falling on powerlines or lightning strikes and sometimes just routine equipment failure. Long term residents will call the Energy Australia emergency number and report the failure if it is through the community.

If you are unsure call your neighbors and check or call the Energy Australia emergency number listed under


Always have spare candles and a Gas cooker ready, keep the fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. It is not unusual for the power to be off for a day once there has been a break in the line.

What if the Landline Phone fails

Report it to Telstra when you get to a working landline or call on a mobile if you have coverage.

What about Mobile Coverage

Mobile coverage varies with different carriers. Optus has some coverage along the Berowra Creek and at most houses. At the Marina and on the Ferry and the Carparks it is poor.

Telstra Mobile has a booster transmitter at the ferry and gives reasonable service along the settlement.

What about Internet and Broadband

ADSL Broadband is available to all residents and to some further out at Cobar Point due to proximity to Fiddletown exchange.

Telstra Satellite Broadband is possible depending on the position of the dwelling in relation to the escarpment. A clear line of site towards 30 degrees above the North West Horizon is essential for this service.

What about TV, Radio and Foxtel

With the proper ariel, boosters, cables and position most dwellings can get excellent Analogue and Digital

Television Reception.

The same goes for FM and some AM Radio Stations. Access to Foxtel is dependant on the positioning in relation to site lines to satellites. Some homes have excellent coverage. Talk to locals who have done it.

How do I meet the locals

Walk next door and introduce yourself. Say G’day on the Wharf. Wave as you pass by in your boat.
Check out the Noticeboard on this site for news about gatherings. Checkout the Events Calender as well. Invite some in for a refreshment.

There are several big community social gatherings through  out the year as sell as regular local community meetings. You will find these listed in the Notice Board and Events Calender.

What about Spiders and Snakes.

Yes, they are all around, but they rarely have much to do with us.